The graveyard run is one of my favourite running routes. I was introduced to bukit brown sometime ago, and often while running alongside glues P & T, I would tell them how much I want to take pictures of the Gurkhas. After about 3 years, I made good on that.

I’ve always wondered what’s the story behind each tombstone when I past each one. With this visit, I paid a visit to Singapore’s largest tomb stone where Mr Ong Sam Leong and wife lay.

In a nutshell, what I really want to do here is share my perception of the graveyard, capture the ‘life’ within bukit brown, the serenity of the lush landscape, and its natural beauty.

full set of photos here


I’m a huge fan of Mr Brown and was thrilled to finally meet him in person at a work event. His mother, Mrs CO Lee, was highly instrumental in shaping my growing-up years back in scgs secondary school.

he posted up a pic I took of him and Dora – his prize for the ‘speed quiz’ held at the end of the EMA preview session. Here’s his write-up.

More work pics here!

A introduced me to the gracious hosts of Tott. Thanks to them, I enjoyed an eye-opening demostration in dehydrating and espuma techniques by chef Stephan Zoisl of Novus restaurant.

full set of photos here

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

one day, I will shoot & produce something of influence with my 550D.

City Lights

show and tell

“PLATFORM is a gathering of Singapore-based photographers, who use stills, video or multimedia, to tell stories.
But beyond just Telling, we want to Show you our Stories.
Our primary interest is in serious social documentary.”

More here.

new work space

I love the view in this meeting room.

Its a complete contrast from the office’s urban landscape before. I much prefer the serenity of the green.